Favorite Authors

Musings about my favorite and most recent reads :

  • Hidden Figures, Rise of the Rocket Girls, How to Make a Spaceship. So little time, so much to read. Working my way through all the trials and tribulations of growing up very smart and very much in the background. Go women and men space nerds!
  • Stephen L. Petranek’s, How We’ll Live on Mars. Wanting to go to Mars now but it would be great to get a station on the moon first.
  • Andy Weir – The Martian. I walked every step with him. I loved that the movie followed the book. Well done!
  • Marko Kloos – Terms of Enlistment, Lines of Departure, Angles of Attack, Wow! Haven’t been a military buff in the past but he is good. I am loving this series. Can’t wait for the next one! And, what a cool blog – actually, he has two of them but I loved this one! http://www.markokloos.com/  (Weiner dog lover that I am that is).
  • Bill Bryson – A Walk in the Woods – Robert Redford’s depiction of Bryson in the recent movie inspired me to read it for the third time. What a book! I’ve loved all of his books and recently read his new one – The Road to Little Dribbling. Fun to be back in England!
  • Anthony Doerr – All the Light We Cannot See – thought provoking tale of WWII – we didn’t live through the horrors like they did.
  • Elizabeth Hall – Miramont’s Ghost – excellent historical mystery about Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs, CO. Brings back memories of living down there!
  • Sara Gruen  – At the Water’s Edge, Ape House,  and Water for Elephants. Wow!
  • Marcus Sakey – Brilliance and A Better World Thoughtful and scary reads. and his final in the trilogy: Written in Fire – Boy does he reflect on current politicians and their thoughts on politics, minorities and social differences! Way to go Marcus. You are an amazing writer.
  • Ellizabeth Wein – Code name Verity– Friendship, betrayal, and redemption wrapped in a WWII setting. Amazing narrative about the English women who were pilots and spies in a world of men.
  • Christina Baker Kline – Orphan Train – Amazing story about the 100,000+ orphans who were sent on a train to the Midwest and beyond from 1850’s until 1929. The narrative was spectacular and I learned a lot from her style of writing. Great read?
  • Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter – The Long Earth and The Long War – Very long, but awesome at the end. Good adventure into parallel worlds. Loved the nuns!
  • Doublas E. Richards – Wired and Amped– Makes you wonder how much brain do we really use. Would it help to be able to add more intelligence? Would the government really interfere?
  • Matthew Mather – CyberStorm– Very scary and realistic. Massive cyber-attacks, weather, crazy stuff!  My hope is we westerners are better survivors than New Yorkers. Look forward to other books by him.
  • Hugh Howey – Peace in Amber– Sad but nice to revisit Vonnegut. Sand Wow! Dune revisited in Denver no less! My new hero. Enough said.  Wool Series –What an incredible writer and entrepreneur! And nice too. He has some good advice and is willing to talk to you. I also liked Half Way Home. Wow!His WayFinding series is interesting and gives a new insight to his personality.
  • Chris Hardwick – The Nerdist Way: How to Reach the Next Level (In Real Life) – Very informative and in words only a nerd could relate to. He is a model for all of us to emulate.
  • Fannie Flagg – The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion – A Novel –One of very favorite writers and she did it again. Loved her characters, loved the southern way of telling stories. All time best is still Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.
  • Mario Jannatpour –  My Time, My Life: A Father’s Love for His Daughter Never Dies – a new perspective on life from an amazing man. He is a very deep thinker. We love you Mario.
  • Lee Child – Getting into Jack Reacher! Lots of books in the series, though.
  • T.C. Boyle – When the Killings Done; San Miguel amazing research, loved the setting learned more about the Channel Islands history, character depth is awesome.Tortilla Curtain – Wow! Drop City. A must read for old hippies! Newest one –  The Harder They Come. I don’t think I want to go to any impoverished island soon after reading this book. Read all the novels, now reading Terranauts.
  • Isaac Hooke – Forever Gate Compendiumgood, learned about shorter stories.
  • Elizabeth Spann Craig – Myrtle Clover series – what a hoot! New fun writer.
  • Neil Gaiman – The Ocean at the End of the Lane – sad and amazing characters.
  • Helen Bryan – The Sisterhood. Wow! Fantastic book that makes you want to go to Spain and the Andalusian Coast! Her new series The Valley is sad and well read.
  • Ben Winters – The Last Policeman – a must for all good police officers who are facing the apocalypse!
  • Joshua TateStar Path – new author, fun sci-fi novella.
  • Peter Heller – The Dog Stars. Local read. A little sad, a little wake-up call about the future. Fun to see all the local uncontrolled airport descriptions.
  • Jeffrey Sachs – The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity. Not depressing – very informative. I wrote a blog on it!
  • Renea Wincester – In the Garden with Billy: Lessons About Life, Love & Tomatoes. What a great read. Uplifting and filled with hope. I’ve been blogging her. Check out her blog: http://blogthefarm.wordpress.com/
  • Carolyn Anderson Jones – Cowgirl Up! and Scared Hitless. Nothing like a few martinis (Lemon Drop Martini Club) to get you going. Kudos to a local author!!! Met her and she’s adorable!
  • Lori Brighton – The Mind Games series. New author for young readers. Gave me a blast of information on mind readers. Very good character descriptions.
  • Annie Dillard – The Writing Life.Such an inspiration – a blast from the past!
  • Neil PeartFar and Away – A Prize Every Time. You feel like you’re getting to know someone really special…
  • Kevin J. AndersonClockwork Angels– great adaptation of the lyrics from Neil Peart of Rush.
  • Neil Gaiman – Just re-re-read the 10th anniversary edition of American Gods. and Good Omens. Awesome!!! Anything he writes is a joy to read. And, wow, wow, wow! Now Shadow is going to be on Starz! Good show!
  • Diana GabaldonOutlander Series (not a fan of Lord John Grey, however). MOBY, the newest one was long, but so much better than the last one. I love the historical references and research. I look forward to the next one. Would be nicer to see it out sooner than 4 years!
  • Jim Butcher –  Harry Dresden is my new hero — way to go Harry in the new one Cold Days!
  • Shout out to new writer Cory Alvarez and his book Dog Walker.
  • Helen Bryan War Brides – I’m into WWII women warriors. The Sister Hood –awesome.
  • G.M. FordLeo Waterman series are better than the Frank Corso serieslatest Leo Waterman, Chump Change is so much better than the last one! Go G.M. Ford!
  • Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series however, I’m ready for her to choose – let it end. Just read #22. Good, but I’m really ready for it to end!
  • Howard Frank Mosher All of his books! He is a true Hemingway of our time! Very inspiring.
  • Kim Harrison Rachel Morgan series You can’t go wrong with a witch and a vampire bounty hunters! Her writing has tremendously improved over the years. Go girl power! I have started reading her new series – different but interesting.
  • George R. R. Martin – Game of Thrones series – Lions, and Tigers and Bears and Little People – awesome!
  • Cherie Priest – queen of Steam Punk!
  • Graham Greene – Classics such as Travels with my Aunt and Brighton Beach. Going to read them all once again. A different time….
  • Robert Masello – So many to name. Good writer!
  • And of course I like my books. I’ve reread them many times. Hope you will too….




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