Peace and a Saner Nation

With all the election hoopla over, I’m glad to see everyone calming down and getting back to our normal selves, whatever that may mean to you. I had the most pleasant water aerobics class yesterday in a very long time. Peaceful – friendly – even! I told everyone I’m working on possibility the rest of the year.

Here’s a thought from my early days. It was a commentary on the current retro image and what the 60’s was really like for us Boomers:


Definition:  Bohemian—Unorthodox, Gypsy, Nonconformist, Avant-Garde, Unconventional, Eccentric, Unusual

Goodbye Richard Brautigan.  Goodbye old life.  The hippies are just about all gone, with a possible exception of those in that city in the west known as The People’s Republic of Boulder.  Yet, the husbands or wives of these aging hippies make a lot of money, so they live in an unreal environment.  They think they are in touch with the world, yet hide behind large homes and money.  They think they are so in touch with the little people, or those worker bees.  These little people work as maids and cooks in their $1,000,000.00+ homes.  There is no joie de vivre left.  Everyone is all too busy making money, preparing trust funds, and sending their children to the best schools – those that have no non-white children in them – people of color have their own place in the world.

These same people say poverty doesn’t exist here. In reality, they have simply priced the lower incomes out of the community. Thousands of people commute into this well known town every day to work in the restaurants, McDonald’s, and those types of jobs.  That reality hits home when there is a massive snowstorm, and no one gets to work.  Look, all the restaurants and businesses are closed!  Imagine that!

Each of us that remember a spark of that life, or our perceptions of that life, and tries to continue to help humanity in small ways each day, has some disdain for those who sold their souls in the 1980’s.  Although we all know that we have to make a living in the world, we try to decide each day what is ethical and just.  Some people just make money and that is sad.  Yet, they continue to think they are doing some good by hiring the little people into their domestic chores.  There is an ethical issue here.  Perhaps these people would be on the street if there weren’t any menial jobs for them.  Yet, although there should be respect for any job category, people shouldn’t be held down.  They should reach their potential in any career they choose.

And what about those idealists, those Bohemians?  Are there any left that haven’t succumbed to the machine? Where are the great adventure writers of our time – the Jules Vernes, the Robert Heinleins, or the Asimovs of today?  Where is the imagination? Can we really say we were true Bohemians in the 1960’s?  Oh sure, many fled to San Francisco, and to the great western outdoors.  But, somehow, when we woke up, the 80’s reality hit us.  As we grew older, we found nothing to show for ourr bohemian lifestyle.  The money bug and comfort hit us  We went out and became the me generation.  Money, money, money was the name of the game.

There seems to be an insurgence of nostalgia about the times in 1999.  The children of this era are looking back and trying to figure out what was good and what was bad.  They want to know what they lost during those times.  They want to know if they grew up and did the right thing today.  The children of these children are simply trying to understand their parents and older siblings.

Some of us are trying to become parents in our 40’s and we start to think what really works for the best of the child and the community.  We know that we want our child to experience what is out there yet don’t want them to take drugs or be hurt.  We know that you can get a high out of life without artificial means, and we hope that we can portray this message to the future children.  We know we have learned more and more as we grow older, both inside and out of the classroom.  We know that we can allow these experiences to occur with our future children.  We can only hope they will grow up and see the world through those wonderful rose-colored glasses, yet be realistic in how to go out and make their own way without harming others.  Bohemian souls in an information age world?  Yeah, it could work.

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