On Cleanliness or Alice Really Doesn’t Live Here Anymore: The Hippie Era Comes to an End.

I was never really a hippie because I believed in daily bathing.  I blame my mother who made me a clean freak, so I couldn’t quite blend in with the masses. She made us clean our house every day, so now that’s what I do. While people were out protesting, and not washing, and going barefoot, I learned to clean, be organized, and go out and fight to maintain order against those masses who were protesting with bare, dirty feet.

I was also the kid who left home and didn’t look back.  I didn’t know what I was looking for at first, only that I wanted to leave.  I learned a lot along the way and became an expert in figuring out bad people’s motives. Alice may have left home because she wanted to pursue her singing career, but I left home in search of life. Even when I slept in a tent, I always knew where everything was. It was that organization skill that kept me safe and sane.

Here are some excerpts from my book, Discover the Life You Want to Live, about that very process that helps me.  Perhaps it will help you in your daily life:

  •  We learn how to organize our commitment to live a good life. We learn to find that key, and a way to do this was by returning to a beginner’s mindset. We rediscover the rhythm of life by looking at past behaviors, what was inhibiting us, what made us dissatisfied, and change what needs changing, thus dropping the negative thought, and going out for a nice walk!
  •  Maybe women are the only ones plagued with a low tolerance for dirt. I don’t know. What I do know is I cannot get started on my work if the house is a complete disaster zone – especially now that I’m working primarily at home. I’ve found that Mondays are usually my cleaning and wash day, if I haven’t gotten to it on the weekends. I allow myself the time and energy it takes to clean up what needs to be cleaned up, and then move on. I am unable to concentrate if I know there is a mess in the kitchen, or laundry piling up. That’s just me. Now, I’m not saying you should let cleaning stop you completely from getting your other work done. You can solicit help from your family, and you can learn to multitask. I can finish a thought, and then put a load of laundry on. By the time I need a break from writing, I can go vacuum a room, or dust, or water the plants, or whatever. I can fold clothes while I’m on the phone solving world problems. I can load dishes in the dishwasher while something is cooking. If my house gets too cluttered, I can’t think. I’ve found a place for everything, and given away, or thrown out what is no longer needed. My desk is organized and I have clean space to write. Plastic storage containers on wheels are my friends – they are the most wonderful invention of the last decade!

My mom died recently and I have learned to appreciate the little things she taught me. She was a Southern Belle, but she had a lot of attitude, which she passed on to all of us. I love you Mom.

Let me know how you organize and live your life. I learn something from everyone! Enjoy.

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