By now, I hope that you are all into the New Year groove, nose to the grindstone and all that. Having been sick the entire time at Christmas, I didn’t post anything, so now I am warming up the fingers (and the brain) once again. I recently read a fantastic book entitled Clockwork Angels, by Kevin J. Anderson from the story and lyrics by Neil Peart. Then, I listened to the music – Rush – of course! Then, I went back through the book. Wow! It’s a wonderful weave about extremes – about total control vs. total anarchy – and a young man learning how to live his life. For you diehard Rush fans out there (you know who you are – admit it!), read this book, listen to the music, read the book again, go back through all the Rush storytelling albums, go onto Neil Peart’s blog, and then buy and read his book Far and Away, A Prize Every Time. It’s so great to know that there are still amazing people out there who are willing to share their lives with you. (I didn’t know Neil Peart liked to cook! Coooool!  Kindred spirit…..Sigh). And, I learned that Kevin J. Anderson lives in Colorado Springs, my old stomping grounds; and I never knew that the whole time I lived there!  It led me to buying a bunch of his books that I hadn’t read before. And, of course this is eating into my writing time. Yeah, I’m back into the groove. (Yes, Sheldon, that is sarcasm.)

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