The other day my husband I were at Costco and we were so amazed at the absolute rudeness of some people. Granted it was a busy Friday on a holiday weekend. Granted we expected it to be busy. What we didn’t expect is people cutting us off with their carts, stomping their feet, giving us the EYE as if we chose at that very moment to cut in front of them.  We didn’t get mad. We just laughed at them, hopefully giving them the message: “I’m sorry, but I don’t accept that kind of behavior.” I want to ask them, “What are you, a 2-year-old?”

In fact, we don’t have to accept rude behavior. It’s that can’t wait and entitled attitude that has gotten us into trouble in our society. Although I continue to be polite to people, I usually don’t receive that politeness back. In fact, people don’t even acknowledge that I have been polite to them.

We can begin to change this behavior by being polite to each other within our families and homes by turning off the shouting on the news media and think for ourselves. We can slow down a little, read a little, take our turns (remember preschool?), and simply take a breath. Then and only then can we enjoy our time on Earth. So, kick back and read a little Robert Fulghum (may I suggest his first book, All I Really Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten). You’ll be happier and maybe you’ll live a little longer.

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