Why does everyone else seem to know what’s good for you more than you do? Why is it that more than you do about when you are ready to publish your book? Who decides what real fiction is? Despite the flaws, when do you believe that you are a good writer? When is it good enough? (POGE-See post March 12, 2013). Obviously, you have to fix the major plot issues, as well as typos, drama, action, verb tense, dangling participles. But, despite all your flaws, continue to ask this question: Is it a good book?

I recently read a great article posted on a website called writetodone.com. The article was titled “Is Your Writing Any Good? Here Are Seven Ways You Can Tell.” I have accomplished these five:

1.  You’ve Been Told You’re a Good Writer.

2.  You can Look Back and See How Your Writing has Improved.

3.  You Have a Good Grasp of Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation.

4.  You Can Spot Sloppy Writing from Other People.

7.  You’ve Been Pair for Your Writing.

The bottom line is: Fix the first book to the best of your ability, upload it, and keep writing. I’m working on the self-acceptance part….

 I’ll close with an encouraging quote from a super-success story, self-published, author, Hugh Howie: “Be yourself. This shouldn’t be counterintuitive. Don’t lose sight of who you are. Embrace the awkwardness, the glee, the dumbfoundedness.” Thanks from this superfan.

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