Me Today:

  1. Woman gets a nosebleed – blames me because I coughed near her — into my sleeve, not at her — she was in a locker room at a rec center;
  2. Woman says too many typos in the first chapter of my book, so she couldn’t go any further. I found a few in Chapter 1, corrected them and re-uploaded;
  3. Lots of snow and people who live here don’t know how to drive — still!
  4. Can’t figure out Mobi – again to update the ebook – but I’m still working on it;
  5. Lots and lots of notes and reorganizing but nothing forward in the second book;
  6. Worries about sales on first book.

World Today

Kid sets himself on fire at a high school in Colorado — severely burned — My problems seem soooooo small compared to that burned kid. Sad, huh?

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