Keeping up with my writing is always a challenge. I love it and hate it and things always get in the way. That’s why blogging is useful. It helps me settle my mind and reboot. The garden is in and thriving. The weather has set in and now it’s time for the old butt in chair. And, even though I agonize over every word, I’m back in the saddle, settling down and creating beautiful thoughts.

Besides, I always meet interesting people who have interesting comments. Some are writers, some are friends, some are crazy people (which I am trying to learn to ignore-and I don’t approve their comments!). It’s all a part of the process. It helps me create better characters and better stories.

It helps me ignore all the dog poop in the yard (How can two little wiener dogs poop so much? We just picked it all up!), the weeds that need pulling (Bindweed is a Colorado curse!), and 90 degree weather for just a little while longer. I’m in my element!

A shout out to Laura Kirwan, author of Impervious who helped me get back on track! Buy her book!


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