I am a former police officer, crime analyst, profiler and police trainer. I hold a black belt in Aikido. In the past, I’ve had to make immediate decisions for people in life-threatening situations. I applied the law, martial arts principles, and life lessons, in a logical and ethical manner, and helped victims gain a sense of organization and control over their lives.

I wrote a book entitled Discover the Life You Want to Live which is based on my career and writing experiences. (Published and live on Amazon.com.

I started this blog because I wanted to share my musings and give updates on forthcoming publications. I wanted to delve further into this new medium in hopes of inspiring people to solve their own problems, become inspired and write their own stories, and mentor others with their newfound ideas.

The newest publication is from the Caitlin Ferguson Mystery Series based in Colorado. Silver Element and now Book II, Silver Storm, are published and live on Amazon. These women are reflections of the cool characters I’ve met in the past and help Caitlin solve assaults, drug selling gangsters and murders, and getting into trouble a lot in their communities of Boulder and Louisville.

It was fun renewing old friendships with some fellow police officers and crime analysts and basing the book on local characters and crimes jogged from my memory of the work.

I have also published the first in the Silver Rangers Mini-SeriesBuck Jones. Caitlin and her crew meet him in the Grand Canyon in Silver Storm. This is a short fun romance and science fiction story based on a local character I know. The second book in this series has just been published – Frankie & Jamie – which details their adventure and romance in the Grand Canyon – characters we met in the Caitlin Ferguson mysteries. Enjoy!

Thanks to all the avid reads for supporting our writing community.

Dru Tieben

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  1. I finally found it. Your blog is always really worth reading. I enjoyed it’s brain exercise. Always need to exercise that a little extra.

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