On Sunday, we all felt a disturbance in the force. All of the Jedis were saddened when we learned that our dear friend and colleague Kayla Feeney lost the good fight and passed away this past Sunday. She was a young vibrant woman that I had worked with for years. When she smiled her dimples were deep and beautiful. I remember giving her a knitted yellow scarf and she was so happy because she told me it was her favorite color. Her life stories brought laughter and tears to all of us. She was a fan of all of those reality shows back in the day when the Jersey Shore was popular. Everyone at night identified with one of the characters except me. She would tease me and say, “Oh, Dru, you are so out of it and you don’t know the half of it!” and, “The stories I could tell you about my life.” I am sad that I never got that chance to write about her other than using a bit of her past and creating a small character in my first book. I will miss her and all of the crazy times we had together on the night shift. In her world of vampire stories such as the Twilight Zone – Team Edward vs. Team Jacob – she never understood me but tolerated my references from science fiction (no vampires or zombies for me!) and heavy metal. She put up with my tie-dyed shirts, air guitar and obscure jokes. I’ll always love her laughter and joy of life. I will miss you.

Goodbye and we’ll meet again!


DRUSILLA TIEBEN is proud to announce the publication of SILVER STORM, the second in the Caitlin Ferguson Mystery Series. Caitlin and her friends return and take a trip into the depths of the Grand Canyon only to discover a bizarre murder scene.

The women attempt to return to their normal lives but someone and something is not allowing them to. When students go missing from the University of Colorado, Caitlin enlists her old friend Tiny, Sgt. Tamera Schuman of the Boulder Police Department. Foul play is suspected and a killer is out there. With her help, Caitlin and her group of women each with their own unique skills track the evidence only to discover more gruesome scenes in Boulder and Louisville. But the killer always seems to be one step ahead of them.  Once again, Caitlin encounters the glowing lights and strange displays of the supernatural in the foothills of Colorado which leads them back to the Grand Canyon. Caitlin continues to battle her visions of the future and the increasing chaos that seems to surround her. A mysterious message and the investigation into murder take them on a journey back into the Canyon. From the depths of the Grand Canyon to Boulder, to the little town of Louisville, Colorado, and back again, Caitlin and her girls have made it their business to catch a killer. Silver Storm is a work of fiction—mystery and fantasy, with elements of the supernatural set in the Grand Canyon, Arizona, Boulder and Louisville, Colorado.   (You may also want to take a look at the first mystery in the series, SILVER ELEMENT, before reading Book II.)

I am also happy to announce the publication of BUCK JONES, the first in the Silver Rangers Mini-Series.

Buck Jones left his life in Boulder, Colorado to become a ranger in the Grand Canyon. His days are filled with riding the trails and keeping stray hikers out of danger. But sometimes, the hikers don’t turn up by the end of the day and it is up to him to rescue them. He had chosen this lonely, solitary life and falling in love was not high on his list. But when he gets a call from tribal policeman Dahali Regaldo, he rides into the Havasupai Nation to help out in a very unusual missing person’s case. They have discovered a woman who disappeared years ago while hiking into the depths of the Grand Canyon. He never expected to become so engrossed in a minor case, but the victim’s story is uncanny. Buck and his friends uncover the unbelievable facts and he realizes he is falling in love.  Buck Jones appears in Silver Storm, Book II of the Caitlin Ferguson mystery series. This is his story. This is a work of fiction—mystery, romance and science fiction set in the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

Please feel free to visit my author page at:



It’s almost fall and I am in a reflective mood. The other night I mentioned to a friend that I made a list of what I was happy and sad about. I said it was an exercise to see where my brain and emotions were at the moment. His reaction was a little odd. First he said that I should never be sad, and not to think about sad things. When I explained it was an exercise in reflection on my current state of mind, he said that I worried too much. Huh?

I think we all have to take inventory ever so often. After all, some people use prayer to put it out there. Writing makes sense to me to put it all in perspective.

I am:

 -Happy that everything is going as well as expected and that my son is growing up; sad that my son is growing up with all his moods and figuring out the world, and him thinking that Mom doesn’t always know best.

-Happy that men are more sensitive; sad that society has labelled the stronger step-it-up masculine qualities as a bad thing.

-Happy that I am starting to figure out my life and the world around me; sad that I am aging with all of its aches and pains.

-Happy that I can let some things go; sad that I still remember everything bad that happened to me.

-Happy that I am safe and loved; sad that I still have anxiety and worry about the future no matter how much I prepare for it.

-Happy that I have a house and savings; sad that I worry it might not be enough.

-Happy that I had a great career and life in my past; sad that I feel I haven’t done enough and am not doing enough right now.

-Happy that I have no regrets; sad that I do have regrets.

-Happy that events in the world are making change and righting wrongs; sad that not all things are right in the world.

-Happy that I have a place in the Universe; sad that I keeping striving for a higher place in the Universe.

-Happy that I can still do all the things I can do; sad that I am impatient with those who cannot do the things I do.

-Happy that I have given all I can give to my family; sad that I feel it’s not enough.

-Happy that my son is growing up; sad that my expectations are too high.

-Happy that I know a lot of things; sad that I don’t have that quick wit.

-Happy that I can wax philosophic; sad that I still get mad at pushy people.

-Happy that I have better vision than I have ever had in my life; sad that I don’t see all things.

-Happy that I have more time to do the things I want to do; sad that I don’t always do them.

-Happy that I am a great cook; sad that I eat too much.

-Happy that I am more open-minded than anyone I grew up with; sad that I am not as accepting as I’d like to be.

-Happy that I don’t ever forget anything; sad that I don’t ever forget.

Living life seems to always be about the choices we have made in the past and the choices we are currently making. The harsh reality is it is also about the money which is again another choice. We have to choose to live well but within our means. When we think we are saving enough we need to save more. Even if we have the zombie apocalypse, we still need something of value to get to the places where we think it will be safe. (Maybe buy a big truck and supply it like those super survivors? Or, maybe not.) All we can do is live in the moment and save a little more for whatever the future holds. The best advice I can give me is:

 Expect nothing; learn to love and live in the moment; enjoy what is given; and forgive and forget….


This was a school assignment and I had to post it. How cool is my kid?!

I think Dru Tieben should be the person of the year because she is a great speaker and she can speak in front of a big crowd plus she is loving and kind so she can help people who need help, like the homeless. Also she is great at medical because she was a cop and she knows a lot about that.

She is a great cook and she can cook lots of dishes and desserts for the food kitchen and people can enjoy the delicious food she makes. She knows some about pets so she can work at the pound to take care of the dogs and cats and other pets because we have two dogs. And if you like mysteries and novels you will like Dru’s books she has them on Kindle and Amazon. And she can do a lot of things at once like take care of me and work at the same time on her book.

Also she can fix dog toys if they get busted and the same thing for stuff animals. She is a great cleaner so if you have a dirty bathroom she can clean it in 30 minutes or less. And if I am having trouble she can help me with anything (unless it is very hard math the I need my dad) writing some math and sewing projects.

And if you need to borrow a recipe just go to her because she has all the recipes in the world. So that is why I think Dru Tieben should be person of the year.

 Thanks Daniel. You are a gem.


January blues have set in and winter is storming away. Snow welcomed February with an overnight accumulation of a foot and a half in our little town. So, my reflections on the New Year have gotten off to a slow start.

Throughout my adult years, I’ve learned to cope in many ways. Life has changed and is so busy at our household. We tend to bulldoze through, even scaring my son with my driving to get to basketball practice, slipping and sliding through stop signs, shouting a few…well, whatevers… all the way on the dark and frozen streets. And as always, I run home, make dinner and have to go back again to pick him up after an hour. All in all, crazy days and late hours.

I usually don’t make resolutions in January. Instead, I start telling myself in September of the previous year to do better each month. So, I ignore the crazy blast of resolution-makers on January 2nd (since I have started my routine in early September). I’ve set my goals at home and the gym and keep doing what I’m doing. I’ve aged another year, but I’m keeping up with the crowd.

My house is in order. Over the holidays, we remodeled the master bathroom, (a tiny little affair but now it’s bright and cheerful!) with so many trips to Home Depot that my son now knows where to find anything, anywhere!

I went into the spring cleaning mode, early, so I could give myself permission to get back to writing. Cleaning the house is a necessary evil for me. It’s exhausting, but it releases me to get back to creating.

The family has all gone back to school and work, and although it was a joy to be with them, now there is a peaceful rhythm back into my daily routine. I don’t have a 24-7 entertainment and work schedule.

Tax season is also looming so I’ve prepared all the necessary paperwork and sent it off; a great relief to be done with it!

And, the political arena is in full force with elections this year. I try to be open-minded with people and not get mad at them – a lot of crazy, scared people out there, so it’s hard not to get sucked into the drama. When the time comes to vote, I’ll vote. Everyone should do the same. ‘Nuf said.

Finally, a note on winter reading:

  • Read or re-read A Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson, and see the film. Robert Redford did a pretty good job playing Bryson. You really had to read the book to understand the movie, though, but it was fun and inspiring. Bryson’s books are a delight and take you to places you may never go to.
  • Read the Frontline series by Marko Kloos – Terms of Enlistment, Lines of Departure, and Angles of Attack. Good science fiction – a great action-packed escape. You can also order his new one which will be out soon – Chains of Command. (No, he didn’t pay me to review his books, but they are so cool I had to mention them.)
  • Marcus Sakey completed his Brilliance trilogy – Written in Fire is a great page turner. He finished with a both a positive outlook and a scary take on what could come if he wrote another. And, he had a few noteworthy quotes for our times – check this out: “When people are scared, it’s easy for them to decide anything different is evil. To forget that everyone is basically the same, that we all love our families and want regular lives….[People] make others scared on purpose, because they know if they do, everyone will start acting stupid. I love his writing style and the personality of Cooper! Thank you for a great story!

So instead of making resolutions that you may or may not keep, every year, no matter how old you are, make a list of all the fun things you want to do during the year and start the list on your birthday! One of my son’s teachers turns 50 this year so she has a 50 fun things list for this year. How cool is that? I’m not sure I can come up with 60 fun things but I’m certainly going to try.


If you are a Facebook fan (I am not) you’ll notice that everyone is shouting and no one is listening. When did hate and fear solve anything? When did we stop listening to each other?

I believe Facebook was originally created to send happy messages, post pictures and generally keep up with you friends and family. Lately, it seems to have taken on a dark side. Some people are getting into long diatribes about their religion, their politics, negative statements about race and sexual orientation, causing others to defend their side of things. It upsets me to know that we have lost our reasoning skills when it comes to these world problems and that we have forgotten how to just sit and listen to each other. We can agree to disagree but without hate and threats to the opposing party.

No one agrees with everything you say. They are never totally on your side. And sometimes you might be wrong in your thoughts. But to work up such a lather about what the other party is saying is a loss of perspective on what is really being said and why it is being said. We get so wrapped up in our own beliefs and defending this knowledge that we forget to look at the underlying causes of these conversations.

These people who spew forth misinformation and hate are probably just sad and lonely, waiting for a reaction from others so they have contact. What they really need is real contact with the outside world. I really wish they would think about what they say before they fire it off in their anonymity. Or, maybe they should just join a group or something outside of their house.

Weird Al Yankovic may be right in his song, First World Problems. Some people fixate on all the little things that are wrong in their lives: WiFi reception, not being able to order off of the Breakfast Menu after 2 pm because we got up too late, having a big house so we get lost, having gluten-free food, and all of the woes not understandable to a Third World person. We tend to forget that we have shelter, food, safety, and way more disposable income than the majority of the world. We can’t expect someone whose lives are at stake every day in a war zone to understand us. We can’t understand what it is like to live like that. We forgot to care.

So, what’s the solution? How do we get the happiness factor back in our lives and share it with others? How do we color our lives with a caring personality? Is all of this negativity an external force? Did someone create a presence on another planet and send all these negative vibes down to our earth via the media. Was it planned like we saw the movie Tomorrowland? Can we get over the blaming and get on with the doing?

I am committing to try a little harder to understand others and at least listen, even if I don’t agree with them. I am committing to do a good deed each day, even if it’s just a smile for a friend or customer, and laugh at a good joke, and enjoy each moment. Maybe people will think I’m being a d…k sometimes, when I talk to them about something uncomfortable, but I certainly won’t be an a…hole. (Thank you, Peter Quill, or Star Lord, for that sage advice. OK, seriously, you didn’t get that? From Guardians of the Galaxy, of course!)


Last week was crazy, wasn’t it? We tried to fit it all in: the baking, the cooking of a bountiful meal, the Zoo Lights, the cozy feelings, family being ever-present, and of course, the shopping. And we were happy, right? Well, most of the time.

How are we supposed to maintain that frantic happiness that the media hypes for the holidays? The answer is we can’t. We do our best, we try to be grateful for what we have. But, when everyone gets cranky, we bundle up, get everyone out of the house and take the dogs for a walk (in 15 degree weather-yes, the dogs have sweaters, and coats, too). When we return home, we encourage them to take a nap afterwards, or watch a stupid movie. And, when they’re all asleep or otherwise occupied, we run. We escape them for a few minutes to regain a sense of peace. We leave the house and go to the gym, away from all of them.

We come back with a sense of perspective. We’re thankful for having a cozy home and a loving family. We’re thankful for peace and not having a war raging in our backyard. We’re thankful for all the food we’ve stuffed ourselves with.  We go out and do some good deeds for the less fortunate. And, we stop worrying. Or at least, that’s what I do. After all, happiness is a state of mind created by me.

Happy Holidays everyone!


Today’s thoughts are all about writing using any method or style. I am learning about transitioning and advancing into the age of the millennials. I am creating new pathways to my brain and learning to be young again with a new keyboard and machine.

I just bought a Microsoft Surface Pro4 Tablet, with a keyboard (and no, I don’t get paid by them to advertise—I wish!), and it is certainly different than what I have been used to. I transitioned to a laptop a long time ago, but this change was not as much of a brain freeze as I thought it would be. Tablets, smart phones, and eReaders are very similar in how they work. With a few bumps and zig zags, you can master one of them, and then it’s a matter of simple iterations for the rest of them. I have decided that as a writer, I must embrace these changes without becoming OCD about it. I believe new technology can make my life different, and hopefully, easier. Once I have mastered the Zen of this change, I can then turn to the creation of text. Will a tablet choice be the right choice? I’m not sure, yet, but the portability is simply amazing. Now, instead of lots of little notes on scrap pieces of paper, I can whip out the tablet and type my thoughts.

In the old days, writers had to write until their hands cramped, with pen and ink, or pencil. Then, they had to, or someone had to, type it up into a manuscript. Then, an agent had to be found so they could submit the author’s work to a publishing house. Today, writers are the master and commander of their universe. With On Demand publishing, you can write what you want and publish what you want. You may or may not sell as many books as others, because you don’t have a huge marketing department. Big publishing houses want to make money off of you, so they select only what they think will sell big. They set the price and you are lucky if you get 5% of sales. Less than 1%, or something small like that, of new authors gets selected for publishing in those big houses. So, you may never get selected using the old traditional way. Instead, it will sit on desks throughout the publishing house, waiting behind thousands of other books or thousands of celebrities who have submitted ghostwritten books. Sad, isn’t it?

What is convention anyway and why do we need it? I don’t want to read boring plot lines from the 22nd book someone famous has published. It gets old. I love series but sometimes you have to let the character die. I write weird, I write less conventionally. I take a risk, and sell it on Amazon and Create Space. Before I even think about pushing that publish button, I go through a long series of editing and rewrites, and let a few readers in for comments, and then I re-edit and rewrite once again. Once I am satisfied with its contents, I format and send it on its way. I am not fast, but I am proud of my work and whether sales are good or bad, I own my book and all of its contents. It will never go out of print. It is my contribution to the world. I am writing not formulaic, but what I love.

So, throw convention out the window, and take a leap of faith. Research well. Don’t be afraid to contact the sheriff’s or coroner’s office (my new mystery has murders and gory bits). They won’t think you’re too crazy, well maybe a little, but they actually enjoy talking to you. Describe scenes simply and beautifully. I recently took a class where the speaker talked about describing colors and their meanings to the characters, especially in film. Cool, huh? Keep in mind that you have the whole story in your head, so try to be coherent with the questions you have. I confused an evidence tech the first time I talked to him because he didn’t know the story (of course!) when I was asking about evidence retention techniques, especially in multi-jurisdictional cases. Remember, they are giving you details based on cases they know. Write plausible plots, and have fun with it.

 So, buy a cool machine, learn some cool software, (or have your nerdy friend help you learn it) and jump in. Don’t be afraid of it. A book is as good as what you make it. It must be enjoyable or thought-provoking to the reader no matter what publishing choice you make.


I know a lot of my readers may not have children. I know that many may not care about this post. But, what I’m about to tell you will apply to adults as well as children. A wise person gave me some sound advice the other day after I told him about my struggles with getting my son to do homework. His son, who is now a 4.0 student and a baseball player at the University of Hawaii, struggled in the fourth and fifth grades with homework, especially writing assignments. He talked to his teacher many times, about the fights they got into over homework. This teacher was a very strong woman who loved teaching. One day she told him, “Don’t worry about it. This is what I’ve learned over the years:

“Boys do things shoulder to shoulder.”

“Girls do things face to face.”


This statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I never thought this would work until I tried it one day. We sat down side by side at the table and actually got through homework without any fighting. He was able to take instruction and remain calm. So, apparently, face to face communication with boys is a confrontational stance which causes aggression.

So, I tried it with other men and standing next to them instead of in front of them seemed to work. No arguing at all!

My friend told me he told him wife things that he would never say to her while sitting in the driver’s seat. See? Shoulder to shoulder.

I remembered that I learned this when I was in law enforcement. If I took more of an Aikido stance – a little sideways, right leg back, left shoulder turned towards the person, hands in front of me – the situation would de-escalate. The offender tended to re-think what he or she was about to do. Amazing what one little step can do.

I’m going to try this with every encounter and see what happens. I’ll keep a calm attitude of peace, but be ready for any action.

What’s Up With This Fog? And, Why Are People Shooting Each Other?

Colorado has about 300 days of sunshine, and only about 30 days of completely gray skies. So, when we get overcast conditions and fog like we had these past two days, people seem to be a little bit nutty. It’s eerie when you can’t see the mountains. We are so used to seeing them in the background, guiding our every move, and that when we don’t see them in our line of sight, we are afraid of being lost. Maybe it’s simply a matter of the fog enveloping our brains so we can’t think straight.

Do you think that’s what happened to that young man when he decided to shoot all those people at his college in Oregon? Was it so gray out there that his brain shut down all logical thought? Was he that depressed?

Should we blame his actions on his poor mother? Should we blame it on the world as it is today? Should we blame it on the media for showing these incidents over and over and over again? Should we blame the shoot ‘em up gaming? Should we blame the fog?

It saddens me to think that young twenty-somethings seem to have a harder time coping with the times. We older adults seem to cope with things differently; not always the right way, but we cope. Maybe we lived in a simpler unconnected time, not having computers, cell phones and texting. We actually had to call on party lines and when the long-winded Aunt was on the phone, we had to go over to someone’s house to talk to them face to face. Wow! (Today, however, I do communicate with text to stay in touch, so I’m not completely out of touch, but I still insist on meeting the parents of the children my son hangs out with.)

Maybe the answer for these violent events lies in the fact that we have become so isolated from human contact. Maybe it is the violence we see in movies or TV, or even online with all these realistic shooting games. Maybe death isn’t real to young people. They haven’t come face to face with death. Living humans don’t have a reset button. But, is all this an excuse for violent reaction to things that have gone wrong in one’s life? Do they not have a sense of place in the universe, a profound sense of belonging to something bigger and better? Are they not held responsible for being productive and kind human beings in society? Are they so isolated and self-absorbed that they don’t feel responsible for creating a better world? Why are we so afraid?

I know it’s hard, but somehow we need to teach our children these life lessons. We all need to get out of our own fog and live and create a better world.

Today, as always, I will hug my child and tell him he owes me to become a productive, loving, kind and beautiful human being who cherishes life.