An Inspiration from Second-Graders

Recently, my son’s teacher sent home a note about how the class had struggled with working through a really hard task. She stopped the work and asked them to give her a list of how they could become really good at something. She said they were so excited that their hands shot up and she couldn’t write fast enough. They then came up with an amazing list. I wanted to share this with my readers. It was so inspiring that I put it up on our refrigerator:


  • Practice
  • Say it a lot
  • Say what you’re doing
  • Watch what other people are doing
  • Try it again, try it again
  • Never give up
  • Don’t do the opposite
  • Do it for many years
  • Join in a team
  • Just do it
  • Focus
  • Never say never

I look at this list every day now when I am struggling with a task. I am amazed every day at the things kids know. Never Give Up! Never Surrender! (Galaxy Quest for all you non-geeks!)

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