That Was Why I Was Here

Isn’t that what you always hear from all the advice nuts out there? “That is why you are here.” “That is your God Given(!) Purpose to be put on this planet….”

All my life, I’ve secretly wanted to be a Superhero. I wanted to save everyone from harm, from hurt. I never wanted to see anyone suffer. So, I’d put on my Super suit – OK, maybe it was lime green short shorts and a seersucker shirt (hey, it was the 60’s!). But in my HEAD, I was dressed in a super cool, bulletproof spandex outfit, that fit me tight, and I was drop dead gorgeous!  And, I would always go out and save the world and never get hurt.

Depending on my age, my role model was Laura Ingalls Wilder, going across the west in a covered wagon, living in strange places, working hard, riding horses, and helping those in need. (Actually, I did that – driving out west in a 1973 Toyota Corolla.) Later, I was part of the crew on the Enterprise, a key member with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, protecting alien races from harm. Or, patrolling parallel universes as a Time Patrol officer in the worlds of Poul Anderson, or jumping and living in the worlds of Piers Anthony. (That was my police officer years.) I was a combination of Friday and Lazarus Long (Robert Heinlein), a Super spy who had lived a long time and could solve anything. (That was my crime analyst/profiler years.)

I didn’t come to an understanding of how these worlds helped me become the adult I am until this year. All of this reading and fantasizing prepared me for most of my adventures out west, as well as the world of criminals (and writing). I would do it all over, if I could. I would put on the Super suit – OK this time maybe it will be a white button down shirt, black jeans, and some kick-ass boots – and help solve crimes and all of the world’s woes.

I think I’m still working toward finding out what I really want to be when I grow up. All I know is that all of this living has prepared me for why I was put here – for now it’s becoming a good mother to my son.

So, we’ll take our adventures as they come, flying around the world when we can (in our make-believe airplane box), shooting bad guys as Jedi warriors, or just be content to dance, sing and laugh with Elmo (or Bob Marley, Rush, or Queen – he has his mother’s tastes in music). Hopefully, he’ll grow up full of wonder, and seek adventure like I did, and become a Superhero, like me.

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