Dear friends and colleagues:

I am happy to announce that my first fiction book is live on Amazon, as an eBook for $2.99.

This is the first in the Caitlin Ferguson mystery series, Silver Element by Drusilla Tieben.  Please give yourself a treat and order it for Christmas! Also, once you buy it, please write me a small paragraph for a review right away on Amazon by just clicking on the rate this book – 5 stars would be wonderful!  The ratings help with sales. People search for 5-star books! I appreciate your support and your forthcoming wonderful reviews! (I will have a paperback version in January, a little more expensive than the eBook, however since they actually have to print it.)

There are lots of fun Boulder scenes and wonderful characters based on local people and from my law enforcement years! Thanks for your support!

Here is the blurb on Amazon:

There’s a growing problem in the neighborhood. Drugs, rapes, and murder. The police are apathetic; and nobody is addressing the problem at the street level. A group of four women have turned to Dr. Caitlin McKinnon-Ferguson, a psychologist and police consultant–where they learn more than they ever hoped for. They go on the streets of Boulder to fight crime where no one expects them to become involved, because they are a little over-weight, a little gray-haired, and, to be honest, seem so nice.

This eclectic band of women learn about the powers of observation, police tactics, and martial arts. Caitlin’s first order of business is to organize walk-abouts. When they discover a meth lab in their little suburban neighborhood, they turn to the police–but nothing comes of it. Why? Then there’s an assault in Colorado Springs and a murder in Boulder. It’s up to Caitlin and her unlikely apprentices to connect the dots and solve the crimes before there’s another victim. What these five women didn’t count on was going up against a ruthless Rastafarian and his gang–a gang that would just as soon cut your throat as they would quietly pass by you in the dead of night.

Silver Element is a work of fiction—mystery and fantasy, set in Boulder, CO.

Looking forward to seeing your comments! Enjoy!

P.S. Drusilla Tieben is my full name. Dru is my nickname.

Here is my Bio on Amazon:

Drusilla Tieben is a former police officer, crime analyst, profiler, and police trainer. She holds a black belt in Aikido. She went to school in the south when streaking was a national competition, and women had to fight every step of the way to have real jobs and make a living. She is one of the few women who loves science fiction.
Discover the Life You Want to Live, published in 2012, is a work of non-fiction based on her career and life lessons.

Her new book, Silver Element, the first in the Caitlin Ferguson mystery series of mysteries takes place in Boulder and Colorado Springs, CO is now live on Amazon Kindle. The paperback version will also be released on Amazon next month. She lives in Colorado with her husband, son, and 2 attack wiener dogs.



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