For all the naysayers out there – I’m fixing all the typos on the mystery. They were mostly in the first chapter (and only 4 or 5 so it’s still good! Geez!) I try to do my best at all times and my readers do, too. I’ll re-upload this weekend. And, Amazon will update your Kindles. Keep reading, please. I promise you it will be a good read, even with the typos!

But the reason for this post:

This is a follow-up to Hugh Howey’s post and my subsequent new post, and some disturbing news. Today, my doctor told me that there is a chance that I could go blind in my right eye and maybe even both of them in ten years if… and a lot more technical blathering and conditions after that. It made me sad to think that I would never be able to see another wonderful written word, or post, or read my son’s stories, or even write my own stories the way I’m used to. So…. I’ll do what I can to prevent it, but what if?

Will the audiobooks continue to thrive? Will there be some way to read Braille text on a computer? How can this avid reader cope? Well, I’ll tell you a few things I’ve noticed with the traditional book thing. First, it is is incredibly expensive to buy books in large print. Second, the eBooks are amazing. I can take my Kindle and make the print hugggggeeeee! Third, I love audiobooks! I listen to them when I’m baking, or doing chores, or walking, or working out! And, fourth, how does one go about learning Braille anyway? Is there a special computer for that?  Is it going to be available in any other format other than the printed one? Food for thought.

I’m sure I can enlist others to help me type up my books, but it is a different brain process. I talk about stuff all the time, but I create stuff with my fingers. Will the writing be different? Will I sound like all those little old self-help ladies, or will the story still come out in a strong voice? It will definitely be a transition, for sure.

For now, I’ll keep on writing, keep on telling my stories to my family, keeping the verbal tradition going – my son knows all my plots by heart. Thanks!

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