The updated version of Silver Element has been re-uploaded in paperback. Still working on the digital upload. Thanks for your patience!

Everyone has a perspective on issues of writing but let me offer up this:

Not all of us women want romance novels. What we love are strong women characters (and even write about them). Some of us love off-color jokes (like we don’t know what condoms are?). And we that are older (and a little grayer) want tough old broads who can take a punch! Not these fainting lasses. And maybe our parts aren’t as perky as they used to be, like some superheroes, but we are strong! And, we don’t wear those 4″ stilettos and thongs (with push up bras–although some of us might need them-the push-up bras, not the stilettos!). We want characters that are dressed sensibly, are strong in their own right, are smart, and have hunka, hunka burning love guys who are as strong as we are. And, maybe even identify even more so with those that get in lots of trouble. So…. no more swooning lasses, okay?

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