“Don’t mess with old women—they didn’t get old by being stupid.” Check out this guy’s site – very funny! http://haruth.com/

So, I figured out Jutoh; I figured out Mobi; I loaded the new edition up to Kindle; I talked to all the wonderful helpful folks at KDP on Amazon and now Silver Element is all beautiful.  Whew! (Well, except for one more tweak on the paperback through CreateSpace  – their upload issue, not mine, thank you! It will be back online sometime this week.) But all in all, I think I’ve done well this last week. I’ve done everything but write on the new novel that is.

There’s something both wonderful and melancholy about this weather we’re having. The trees are all white with frost and snow, the ground, unseen. To have such a mild fall and mild winter at first… then boom! Makes you ponder what is changing in our atmosphere. (Also, I read Matthew Mather’s CyberStorm this weekend. Creeeeepy!)

So… I’m making excuses now for not writing…. The snowstorm here and the ice makes me blue, and reading creepy books, slow sales…. (I know, wah wah….)

I wonder if I’ve done enough to prepare for what is to come, to make sure my family is safe. (Can we truly ever be safe?) This is a constant theme for me in my world, and my writing world. I feel it, I fear aging, and I fear the dark and the unknown, just like the caveman. At twenty, we fear nothing. Approaching sixty, I worry more. I also hurt more, and have a few more fears. I guess this is the natural state of affairs. I put up a great front. Outside, I am fearless; inside I have turmoil. I want to have that “I can take him” attitude but sometimes… .Ah these circuitous thought processes.

I know that the new piece will all come together eventually. I love my characters. They have a lot of chutzpah. I want to become each one of them (in reality, however, a part of each one of them is me.) So, back to it and here’s to a sunny day — soon!

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