The trade paperback is corrected and back online at Amazon and CreateSpace! Yea!

Recently, I’ve  been meeting a lot of new people – well new to me because I am going different times to work out. They were surprised I was the author, and that I was at their Rec. Center. Their comments, however, were very interesting. I wanted to set them straight on what they thought the book was about:

They thought the cover looked more like a fantasy book, and I told them,’Noooo, it was a mystery with a lot of supernatural elements in it.” I explained that my background was in law enforcement then they thought it was a true crime book. I said,”Noooo, it was all fictional, but the places were real and some of the characters were based on real people that live here.” Then, they asked me if it was like Stephen White (I get that a lot. He is a well-known in Boulder and the author of Dr. Alan Gregory novels. I said, “Noooooo. it wasn’t a psychological thriller and I am not in his league (sales) YET.”

So, all the queries got me thinking about how I would describe my books to others. I still haven’t come up with a perfect answer other than “What if some white-haired (Silver – get it?) ladies found a meth house in their neighborhood, and came up against some really bad guys such as gang members and bad-ass Rastafarians (we call them Trustafarians in Boulder). So….. I think I got their attention because it is all about older women taking charge.They seemed to like that description and many bought the book. Cool!

The last questions were about my name. One lady asked me if it was a pen name – they know me as Dru, not Drusilla. So, I said, “Nooooo, that’s my real name.” They then asked me about the background of the name. I told them it was Roman and that my mother had a penchant for really old names and blessed me with this one. I told the woman that if she was in the South she would get it. Then, she said, “Oh, well, I thought you might have written under a pen name and that you had written about vampires and it was some type of vampire name.” I said, “Nooooo, it wasn’t about vampires.” Sigh.

Strange world, huh?

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