Two broken people come together to heal old wounds. One needs the solitude. One needs people and the fishing. In the harsh and rugged land, Anna and Kyle move towards forgiveness and love. Anna wants stability, a house and a home after travelling for so long and the lighthouse seems to give her that. The solitude disturbs Kyle to the point he has to flee. Rachel Weaver made me think about how I, as the reader, would react in a similar situation. Could I adapt to the stark loneliness and work hard to create a pioneer life, allowing my “muscles…wrap tighter to the bone with all the work and the cold rain”?

Rachel pulls together an amazing tale with vivid descriptions of the land and sea. The imagery she gave made me live in that wild land. I loved how she described the elements and their effect on the characters:

“We sat on the beach…and watched the polite water barely disturb the smooth sand of the shore….”

“It was beautiful in a way that demanded something. A landscape that has the power to ask anyone, at any time, to measure all the hidden parts of themselves.”

“Mountains and water and ice. I can feel myself stretch out, as if all this beauty were a couch where I could finally lie down.”

“The sea beneath me, dark of full of motion, rises to meet the sea within me.”

I lived a great experience through Anna and agree that “life moves in patterns, unless you break them.”

Point of Direction by Rachel Weaver is a fantastic book. Good show Rachel! Everyone: please read this book!

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