My writer friend, Eileen Purdy asked to guest post her outreach to women with Type II Diabetes. Here is her post:

Have you ever wondered what sparks true, life-changing “Aha!” moments? What inspires “Eureka!” epiphanies that translate to action and alter your life’s course? And how the same event can motivate one person but not affect another? I do. When I learned I had Type 2 Diabetes last summer I immediately turned to books to help me. The problem was, each book I picked up seemed blaming, overwhelming and discouraging.

I felt like I was having a life altering opportunity to “carpe diem!” and take my health’s “bull by the horns” yet it was hard to find books that were speaking my language!

Go to the cancer section in any bookstore and hope abounds! The heart surgery and heart attack section will leave you inspired to live life to the fullest and seize the day! Swing by other sections and you will find stories of people conquering the greatest of heights against all odds.

The amazing testament to the strength of the human spirit comes to a screeching halt in the diabetes section.

The “Aha” moments and “Eureka” epiphanies with Type 2 Diabetes ARE happening but seem to be hiding.

I am determined to change that! I have decided to write a motivational book for women with Type 2 Diabetes. I want to showcase stories of women managing the ups and downs of their diagnosis and living a life they love. I want to provide inspiration so that women can feel they are now part of an empowered tribe not a defeated, drag on society.

My diagnosis was definitely a life-changing “Aha!” moment for me. At first, learning about my disease and trying to manage it seemed to consume most of my waking moments. It was exhausting and emotionally challenging. But, my determination and hard work paid off and the daily choices needed to manage my disease became my “new normal”. I am now enjoying renewed confidence, energy and a higher quality of life, all because of managing my disease!

To make this book a reality, I am looking for women who are also successfully managing their Type 2 Diabetes and thriving! If you or someone you know has Diabetes and have success stories to tell, please respond or forward this to someone you know who fits this description. I would love to conduct an interview with you or your friends for my book.

Please email me at eileen@type2trendsetters.com.

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