Ever wonder what would happen if we allowed these words and deeds come into our lives? If we can learn to accept and have happiness with whom and where we came from, we can accept ourselves. If we can learn from our parents’ lessons and mistakes, and not dwell on the negative things that happened in the past, we will become a saner adult, and a saner nation.

The best (and worst) thing I remember about my mother is that she was a clean freak. I am happy that I have learned the cleanliness factor from her, but I also gained the obsessiveness from her. It’s hard to lighten up. I believed in her principles, however: A clean house, clean garden, clean desk and clean mind sustained my sanity. Even when I was poor, I didn’t mind buying soap and other cleaning supplies. Even when I didn’t have a great place to live, it was clean and clutter-free. I didn’t have a lot of money to buy many things, so I really didn’t have much clutter. And, once I established a clean environment, I could work at for the greater good. Things really did begin to look up.

 My parents also taught me how to manage my life in a frugal manner, so no matter how much money I earn now, I always think savings and giving first. I save for my son and our future, and I give to those in need when I can.

Even with crazy spring snow storms, I have successfully planted both vegetables and flowers that thrive. Beauty and sustenance is an important lesson freely given to me by my parents.

Think about what you can do for others and help out when you can. Pass on your legacy to your children so they will grow up be kind and caring to you as parents. Teach them to teach others how to care and share.

So, get up, get moving, and remember to curb those back-handed compliments. Let’s all enjoy each other, let’s delight in the groove of the present moment without argument and become a kinder and polite society once again, like our mothers taught us. Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

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