It rained, it hailed and finally it snowed. Mother’s Day weekend was amazing, we began planting our flowers, and some of us even started our vegetable gardens. We were so anxious to get things happening. The storms had passed, right? It was 80 degrees and we were ready! Every year we go through this. We should have known. The rain began to fall and then it hailed big, big hail! As the temperature dropped, it snowed, and snowed, and snowed—that thick heavy spring super-wet snow we get in Colorado. Plants were smothered. Rose branches broke, and trees snapped, some into the roadways. By Thursday, people were cancelling their park shelter rentals for their big graduation parties outdoors. Everything and everyone moved inside.

Yesterday, the sun came out, melting away so much of the snow, but the trees are damaged and our plantings have died. Sad, but true. Nevertheless, it was also a happy time because my friend, neighbor and mentor introduced me to the Bloomin’ Seniors. I participated in the annual plant sale. This was my first year that I was involved, and it was a wild chaotic mess at the beginning, setting up for the sale, just as it was when we planted the seedlings. But truthfully, it all worked out. We were quite organized by the end of it and it was a loving adventure, coming together to raise money for the next year of planting.

We had planted all of the seedlings a few months ago and many people tended to them during the course of their development. Lots of love was given to these tiny plants and with everyone’s help, they matured. When they got too big, we transplanted them into bigger pots. Many of us also started seeds in our greenhouses and thus, we pulled it together and had a spectacular sale. Now all of Louisville gets to share in our tomatoes, peppers, herbs, zucchini and cucumbers, for only $1 or $2. I’ve learned a few things from these amazing master gardeners.

Today, I’m moving on with my life. I’m grateful for a new purpose in life, my new group of compatriots in the fight to keep things alive. I’m grateful for my new job and all the men and women who keep the plants alive during this crazy weather of spring and early summer. They are the ones behind the scenes, who go out and cover everything with plastic on those rainy/snowy days, and the ones who have to tend to the trees after this devastation. I am a part of something bigger. I have a nurturing environment to live in where I can learn new things. It helps in my creativity, the writing coming alive after a few months of down time. I am getting close to publishing Frankie & Jamie, the second short story in the Silver Rangers mini-series.

It really is mind-boggling, the stuff we nerds dig, literally and figuratively.

And, even though I am sad that my neighbor and mentor is moving after living in Colorado for thirty-two years, I am helping to create new mentors, ones where we learn together. I will miss her, but just as the young graduates are moving on to a new future, I am moving on as well. Happy Graduation everyone! Do good things. Do epic. Be brave!

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