You know it’s the holiday season when they advertise the Clapper and Chia Pets on TV. For all of you Bob Ross fans, they actually have a Bob Ross Chia Pet! So cool! I wonder what he would have thought about it if he were alive today. He always seemed so shy, with his happy trees.

Inexpensive gifts are hard to find. Each year I struggle to find things that are useful, interesting, won’t break the first time they are used, and hopefully, something the person will enjoy. I craft and bake, but there is always something knew that my kid wants. And, with a tight income this year, it’s hard to know if you got the right thing. It’s something you think he wants, but it is also something you can afford so it is not as big as what his friends get. Each year is a challenge. I only hope that he is grateful for what we give him every day.

This year I remind myself that it will all work out in the end, that he lives in a great little town, has a warm and cozy home to live in, food in his belly, clothing and shoes on his body and a great school to attend. That is the best I can do for him at this moment. Happy holidays and enjoy the little things every day.






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