Dear People of Idaho:

As I have said many times before to many other people: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?” We are never, never, never going to visit your state, and we don’t want you here where we do have mask rules in place. Your disregard for human life is appalling and the fact that you are teaching these lessons to your children makes me very, very sad, in knowing that they will grow up like you. One can only hope that your children escape you and move somewhere else when they grow up so they have the freedom to think for themselves. I left my home state and fled to the west in hopes of finding people like me who believe in humanity coming first above all these so-called make believe violations of your civil rights. We must face the music when it comes to disease and whatever we can do to lessen the flow to others. Mask wearing prevents the spread. Period. You may think this is a violation of your rights, but when you and your family members start dying, don’t blame the rest of the world who understand how this works. For once, go beyond your personal bubble and look at the rest of the world. Everyone deserves a chance to live without fear of you people. Enough said.

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