When you just want to give up with life, “Who ya’ gonna call?” Democrats!

I’ve never had power like the rich people have. I’ve never been rich. Nor have I ever been in office. But, I do believe that we can change the system if we have righteous elections like we did in 2020. Today, eighty-five percent, (85%) of Americans, both Democrats and Republicans believe in the power of the people and want the right to have a decent life. 85% of Americans approved the recent passing of the COVID relief bill. Not a single Republican voted for this bill. I repeat: NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR THIS BILL. My mantra remains this: “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?” Are you so worried about losing your power? I believe that is exactly what is happening. By you continuing to vote what you believe the GOP should vote, denouncing everything that comes out of a Democrats’ mouth, you are making yourself look ridiculous in the eyes of your constituents (and all Democrats)!

Recently, one Congressman stated that the $2 trillion given to billionaires as tax cuts under the last administration would more than pay for what we are now giving to Americans for COVID relief today. There are currently 614 billionaires in the United States and their wealth (currently, a total of over $4.2 trillion) far exceeds the wealth of 50% of the entire American population. They continue to reap the benefits and the majority of them aren’t willing to help fix the situation, by say, putting more money back into their companies or creating new industry in the United States. Americans want to get back to work, and want to make a decent wage. They want to buy American products. I ask you: What is wrong with this picture? We hate to hear it, but the solution is simple: Fair Taxation.

In an article from the Othering and Belonging Institute at U.C. Berkeley, https://belonging.berkeley.edu/six-policies-reduce-economic-inequality

Author and Professor John A. Powell summarized six policies that would help reduce economic inequalities. This article was written in 2014, was published in Huffington Post, reiterated in articles published by them in both 2015 and 2017, and brought back up in 2021 by Senator Bernie Sanders when interviewed about the COVID-19 relief package. Here are the policies Professor Powell recommended:

1.         Increase the minimum wage. This would take over 5 million people out of poverty and will not retard economic growth.

2.         Expand the Earned Income Tax (which would increase the tax credit for children).

3.         Build assets for working families (such as higher savings rates, retirement plans, and fair and low-cost housing).

4.         Invest in childhood education (such as pre-K programs).

5.         Make the tax code more progressive (such as adjusting capital gains taxes).

6.         End residential segregation.

Amazing, isn’t it? While we have taken temporary steps to fix a few of these, we still have a long way to go. So many policies have been recommended for the betterment of all people, and yet, currently it seems that the (Republican) solution is desperately trying to keep your seat in Congress by suppressing voter’s rights in all of those states who voted for the other side. Your people are telling you they don’t want that. They want the opportunity to vote. Recently, the Iowa governor voted for more limited voting access, even though they are a predominantly Republican voting state and they had a better turn out – for Republicans no less – than past elections. That absolutely makes no sense. I hope the Republican party will rise up and come to their senses. I agree that we need a balance, but not at the expense of the people. We are the people! Georgia is now pursuing and getting the same laws in place. And, other states are doing the same. Power is an evil draw if you don’t do the best you can while you are in office. So, stop worrying about the next election, and do some good over these next four years. Step away from the funders who promote racist behavior and classim, and do the right thing. Support the normal people who voted for you. Make us believe that conditions can improve and move in a positive direction. No more doom and gloom!

For the first time in many, many years, we as a nation have an opportunity to make things right that have been wrong for a very long time. We have to stop thinking like our parents and grandparents and prepare for a world that can only get better and better, if we stop being afraid. We have to get out of our bubble and teach our children and grandchildren subjects like Writing, Civics and Economics. We have to teach our children civility and kindness and campaign (and pay!) for an education system that works better. We have to rise up and be a better nation. Superheroes aren’t always young, you know. Getting older doesn’t mean we can give up or stop living a life that is important. We have to stop thinking about that next vacation and do something good for others every day.

Colleges are producing more alcoholics coming out of them than ever before. Boulder recently had yet another riot on the Hill with way too many students partying. Is this a tradition now, even though it is more dangerous than ever before? Why is rebellion for rebellion’s sake important to us as teenagers and young adults? How can we, as parents and grandparents, teach them responsibility and humanity? Why can’t we help them understand that wild parties accomplish nothing? Why can’t we teach these children to see their future as something exciting, something that goes beyond the present moment? Going to a huge party like that, or taking spring break to go to these same type of parties, but at the beach, until we drop dead, is not a viable solution. (And, I mean, literally drop dead of alcoholism-or COVID-19). Wouldn’t it be better if parents and teachers encouraged their kids to do something meaningful with their lives throughout the break? There are so many opportunities out there to learn something new while helping others. Wouldn’t students be better off giving up this selfish me-centric party activity and go out and make a difference? Something to think about.

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