Dear Graduating Seniors everywhere:

This is the week for celebration and taking the big leap into adulthood. This is the time for reflection on where you go from here.

You have had one of the weirdest years and, hopefully, the last one like this in your generation. Things have changed drastically, and global movements happened. So many of you wanted to retreat, but you did not do it. You came out of it with pride and stepped up to help so many people. You made your families proud. You learned how to connect and help people in more ways than we would have ever thought. You put aside selfishness and blame and created positive change.

You set an example for all of us, and we want you to continue to do so. It will be very hard, I know, but you have to be better than the rest of us. You have to continue on this path and make life better for all. This is your task. This is your future.

We hope you run for political office and quell the crazies, the misogynists, the haters, and make positive change. We hope you get to space and observe from above what we past generations did to the earth and the people you left behind. We hope you make changes, for the better, for your children, grandchildren and all future generations. We are depending on you. We hope you will willingly undertake this overwhelming task. It is hard to grasp how much we need you to make a change for the better. We are depending on you. Our parents and grandparents took too much from this world, and now you have to help give it back, and not be mad about it. We can work together. We have prepared you the best we know how. We hope it is enough.

As we age, we will depend more on more on your good deeds and common sense attitudes. We will depend on you to take care of seniors and those in need. We will depend on you to step away from you screen time, set better examples, and get out in the world to interact with all people. We hope you will stop the hate and continue on a better path than we did. We hope your movements will make a difference for our future. We hope you never give up. 

Congratulations and Good Luck!

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