Colorado is like no other place in the world. The rain has brought us a beautiful spring greening up in the land. Things are starting to look up. People are starting back to work. Jobs are being posted. Pay is going up. Spring has finally sprung.

Having said that, there are still a myriad of big problems to work on this year. Our beloved President Joe Biden is so hopeful, amidst all the negative behaviors among the crazies, and we want to keep his hopes up. We want to support him because he is doing things for us, the underdogs, the little people, people like you and me. He is asking all of the “fat cats” to step up and pay their share, unlike the past administration. He said what we all believe: “The ‘Trickle Down’ theory of economy doesn’t work.” IT NEVER DID! The middle class gets the burden, and now it’s time to ask those who make millions to share that burden. It’s time to have them pay up, and bring businesses back to the states. It’s asking them to pay their share. What’s wrong with that? They will still have plenty of money to buy their yachts, have big parties and whatever else rich people do. It’s a tiny, tiny tax for them. If we can look beyond ourselves for a moment, we will help create good paying jobs in a world that needs us. We will have opportunities to create new businesses and make more money, if America invests in all of the “little people.” Again, I ask, “What’s wrong with that?”

Therefore, Republicans, we are going to pass the Transportation and Infrastructure bill with or without your help. I ask all Republican voters, especially in the red states, to think about whom you are voting for in the mid-year elections next year. Think about what the Democrats have done so far to help us, even you people. Remember: NOT A SINGLE REPUBLICAN VOTED FOR THE COVID RELIEF BILL, even though they are taking credit for it. Furthermore, they are not voting for the Transportation bill. Wouldn’t it be great if you remembered that fact? Democrats are a better answer to help you solve all of your problems. I know you hate to think that is true. But, you can make things happen. You can revolve around you, and help others in the world if you choose to make a difference.

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance, so let’s remember all of those who served, but let’s also remember that tomorrow is another day. We need to strive to make changes in the way we think and behave. We need to pass on what is good in our lives to the younger generation. We need to help each other every day by being decent and kind people. Happy Memorial Day!

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