During former President Obama’s campaign, he spoke at a gymnasium in Greenwood, South Carolina. As he walked into the venue, and stood on the sidelines, waiting to be introduced, he heard someone shouting: “Fire it up! Ready to go!” Thanks to Edith Childs, a local activist and politician, this became a campaign slogan for him and he changed the nation with his presidency, even if the change was short-lived.

Now President Biden is attempting to do same thing, getting the nation on the road to recovery while experiencing the same tremendous opposition. I believe it is time for us to step up as citizens and vote the craziest of the opposition out of office. Those who still believe in the orange-haired blustery one with all of his drama need to take a long and hard look at their lives. They need to determine a more reasonable path to the truth. Power has corrupted him and now its insidious hand is gripping those that believe in his legacy. The fair and balanced system needs to return.

Over half of the nation’s citizens are stepping up and changing their old ways of thinking. They are helping at a local level, helping each other work through all of their struggles and learning to release their prejudices. It is now time for this to translate to Washington. The people in power need to embrace the changes their own people have made and do the same for each one of their states. They need to listen to the majority of their citizens from their states and strive to make change. They need to let go of those who don’t believe in science and the how the real world should work. Magical things happen when the worldview is big and full of promise. People need to change for the better. People need to take the vaccine and live. People who have hate in their hearts need to become kind once again. It is only then that they make a difference.

We have been debating a long time and now we need to move forward. Start a local movement and make it happen. Leave violence behind and promote the good things in life. Let’s all get back to work. It’s time. Rethinking time is over. Let’s be productive once again. Help the economy out. Encourage the passing of a wealth tax. We need to believe that it’s okay to have those people whose salary is over $50 million to pay an extra 2% tax. After all, the majority of people pay at least 25% of their total income in taxes. This is the tax on all of us who make under $50,000.00 a year! Why is that not fair to tax the multi-millionaires the same? President Biden reiterated what we all believe and refused to admit the truth to ourselves: “Trickle down economy doesn’t work. It has never worked.” Why should those with the vast majority of wealth pay so little? If you don’t believe me, check out the broadcast from March 12, 2021 with Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In 2020, while millions of Americans struggled with job loss and economic turmoil due to the coronavirus pandemic, the richest 100 Americans’ fortunes grew by $598 billion. This is the backdrop for the wealth tax introduced by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. In this article, the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act would impose a 2% tax on individual net worth above $50 million and an additional 1% surtax on net worth above $1 billion. Only two percent! Payments would begin in 2023 based on wealth in 2022. This bill would only affect people who make over $400,000.00 a year. We must embrace the fact that this is not us! The average person makes far less than that. Wealthy people will find a way to hide their money and that is not right. We have to create legislation to require those who make in the millions put their money back into their companies and people who work there. We have to close the tax loopholes where they hide their wealth. Everyone has to pay his or her share. Why do lawmakers continue to let them get away with this?

Now is the time to ask individuals to be grateful for the life they have lived. Now is the time to give to the future generations. Now is the time to stop beating up and shooting anyone who is different from us. It is time to stop and breathe. It is time to find out what are the real underlying problems. It is time to self-reflect and come up with a plan. It is time to respect each other for our differences. It is time to turn off the TV and get back to work.

It is time to stop the intellectual bashing. Go out and learn something different today. Continue to question your motives and your reasoning. Try to work through what is bothering you. Everyone deserves a better way to live. Money is not the complete answer to all of our problems, but good-paying jobs where we make a difference are necessary for us to believe in ourselves and our country once again. We can do this as individuals and as a nation. I believe in all of you. You should believe in yourselves. Your children and grandchildren are depending on you to make it better.

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